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Product : Mobile Racking


Are you looking for a perfect solution for your stock? Do you feel the lack of your storage place? Modern Storage is a good choice for saving space, money, working time and power cost. Most importantly, the mobile racking can help you to improve working efficiency. Besides, it is ideal as a storage solution for your office, warehouse, shop or even your basement. You can store and organize your files, documents, goods or stocks properly as long as you apply our mobile racking.

With our professional R&D team, we have complete design on the racks. First of all, we have a place for you on the side of the mobile racking to insert your index card. This is a good solution for you to label your stuffs. In each shelve, we also have round handle to help you moving the racks. In case of the careless moving, we have safety lock in the center of the handle to assure your safety.

As an experienced mobile racking manufacturer, we know how to achieve and satisfy your demands. Please feel free and contact us today for more information! We are glad to help you collecting scatters up in proper order.