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Product : Storage Shelving


Do you feel trouble in organzing stocks? A good storage system can help you save time, money and at the same time, save more space for you. This storage shelving is ideal for industrial applications or warehouse stocking management. We have mechanical, hand-push and electrical mode for different purposes. Our shelving system is well-designed to help you storage piles of documents or goods. We mainly provide five racks in a set for each storage shelving system, and each set has four slope-plates to slide. In order to slide smoothly, we have quality rails, carriages and end-stoppers to form the movement.

On the side of the rack, the round handle with safety lock saves your time on moving racks. Besides, there are index card boxes for you to take a note on the racks. It is a considerate design because you don’t want to get lost in lines of storage shelving system, finding nothing but wasting lots of time. For each rack, we have front panel on upper, middle and lower parts for the side. For the back of the rack, we have back and side panel for both upper and lower part to make a close space to complete the storage shelving system.

As for the detail of the rack, we have shelf, shelf support, side-ribbing, back-ribbing, pole, gusset plate and top shelf to form a practical rack. It can definitely help you to manage your documents or goods in proper order. Please feel free and contact us for more information, and we are glad to be your business partner!