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Product : Office Furniture


The office furniture is one of the feature items in our production line. We have been known as an experienced supplier of storage shelving system, and we provide not only mobile racks for industrial applications like warehouse management but also documents management for small business. Office furniture like cabinet or shelves are ideal for piles of paperwork, while for the purpose of storing stationary or paper, you’d better apply mobile shelving system as solution.

For your convenience, we provide two types of shelving system for your need of office furniture: first is normal storage shelving racks and second one is mobile type. The normal type is ideal for documents or books, which you may need to look for what you want aisle by aisle. However, if you are looking for a solution to store tons of history files, you will need a set of mobile racks.

We have quality design for both racks, and you are free to contact us for quotation, catalog, video code or more information about the product. Our office furniture is your first choice to save time, money and manpower for your business. It is also a perfect solution for improving your working efficiency.