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Product : Mobile Shelving


Do you feel a mess when storage stuff? We provide series of mobile shelving and racking system to help you save your space. They are provided by Modern Storage, a Taiwan based supplier of storage system for your need of organizing. Since we emphasize on its mobility for the mobile shelving, we have good carriage, rails and slope-plate for smooth moving. Besides, we have end-stopper in case the careless action.

Moreover, we have front panel for upper, middle and lower shelves. At the same time, we have back panel and side panel for both upper and lower shelves on each mobile shelving rack. Each shelf has a support layer and side ribbing, so you can adjust the height in case you have different size of files. We also have back ribbing to protect your files from falling off while moving.

We provide not only mobile shelving system but also compactors, office furniture, storage system and mobile racking. The service is worldwide available to meet different demands, and you can enjoy our high quality, flexible specification, fast delivery and competitive services today! Just contact us today for more detail!