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Product : Shelving System


It's time to find a home for your goods and stockings! When you are in need of quality storage system, Modern is your top choice. We provide the shelving system with various loading limitation for different customers.The storage system is ideal for using in offices like law, accountant, government or places like college, hospital, health care center, bank, insurance or even the warehouse. The loading ranges from 60kg to 200kg for each level. It is important to choose the right shelving system, because it decides how effective your work can be done.

We are here to provide you different dimensions and purposes for you, and one of the biggest advantages of our shelving system is the safety locks. On each side of the shelving, we have a safety lock to protect your confidential documents. Besides, we have index card for labeling your documents in case you have piles of paperwork.

We offer our customers products with high quality, flexible specification, fast delivery and competitive price. If you are interested in our shelving system, please feel free and contact us for more information today!