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Product : Mobile Storage


If you are searching for quality and cost-effective storage system, Modern is your best choice. The shelving systems are designed with various dimensions, and we provide quality accessories for your racks. Our mobile storage has the inbetween panel and side panel make a good space for your files or document. We also have book support in both large and medium sizes. If you are looking for a space to hang your paperwork or other stocks, our mobile storage provides you a handing shelf and handing frame as your solution.

If you are interested in ordering a complete racking system from us, you will find the package design we provide to you. For the very first rack of the mobile storage, it has either swing door or slide door for you to choose from. In each rack, there is slide table for your convenience of writing down your note. Besides, on the top of the rack, we set lighting system to this storage system.

Moreover, we apply quality lock as the floor lock to your racks. When moving, the smoothness is the key to save your time and working with the mobile storage efficiently. We have quality carriage, slope-plate and rails to keep the sliding as fluent as it can be. We, Modern Storage, are your first choice for storage racking system. Please feel free and contact us today for more information!