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The bulk of a museum’s treasures are kept under lock and key with only a small proportion of its treasures being displayed at any one time. Keeping irreplaceable objects safe and secure is an ongoing concern for archivists and curators. Mobile shelving units make ideal safe storage places for those items not on display.
Such is the variation in museum assets that a diversity of accommodation and security is needed. Butterfly collections, textile treasures and artworks may require attention to issues of humidity and temperature as well as protection from dirt and dust. Another consideration is ease of access.
Mobile bays are ideal for museums. Storage space is dramatically increased. Custom designed shelving and cabinets allow unique combinations according to projected individual needs. Ingenious solutions are possible allowing for effective and efficient storage and retrieval of archival treasures. There is also scope for flexibility and growth for the ever-changing repository records which give museums their special appeal.
Static shelving is much less compact than modern mobile components. All combinations of, for instance, textile racks and/or sliding drawers and trays are possible, giving curators and archivists room for optimum flexibility. Vertical and horizontal partitions in addition to adjustable shelves give great scope for storing valuable artworks. Aerated systems are also an option giving museums even greater choice in their options.
A compact repository is easier with movable museum cabinets. These are typically used where significant amounts of physical archival material need to be kept together. High density storage allows optimization of an available footprint. Innovative designs provide safe and secure storage whilst allowing multifunctional applications. Unique features include long spans and smooth, quiet movement on all types of floor surfaces. Low profile aluminum tracks reduce the need for excessive surface preparation as well as allowing easy relocation. Precision bearings ensure smooth, easy operation and overhead stabilizers prevent tipping.
A rotary handle allows easy manipulation of roller racking or mobile aisle components. The movement of the bays may be assisted by mechanical, electric or electronic means. Electrical motors are operated by the push of a button allowing automatic shifting to left or right. Units can be programmed to open and close. Access may be restricted to authorized personnel by the use of codes. Integrated lighting is another option as are open units as opposed to fully enclosed, lockable components.
Issues of safely have not been ignored. Fully automatic detection of unusual objects is possible. An aisle can be completely scanned by the system preventing accidents or mishaps to personnel or objects. Automatic battery backup is another safeguard. Mobile shelving units are ideal in a museum situation because of their versatility.