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Home > Related Article > Heavy Duty Mobile Shelving Creates 100 Pallet Positions in just 30 Square Metres of Floor Space


What do you do when you have run out of storage capacity in your engineering store and no more floor space to install racking? Move? Redesign your entire warehouse? Or let your performance and service suffer?

That was the issue facing a major distributor of engineering components which had reached capacity and could only free up 30 square metres of floor space for additional capacity.

Thanks to some creative thinking and their Max the Cube philosophy, Thistle Systems developed a solution featuring a heavy duty industrial mobile shelving to store all of the smaller, slow moving components.

By condensing all of the smaller components into an industrial strength mobile system with shelves capable of holding 200kg, Thistle were able to free up almost 100 pallet positions within the existing racking, transforming the overall storage capacity.

Thistle Systems’ Sales Director, Alan Scott, explained “The major issue with storing small components within a racking system is the underutilisation of space, which is when there is too much air space between beams and products. This is often caused by slow moving products which results in a number of half pallets.”

He continued, “One of the core pillars of our Max the Cube approach is to look at the optimisation of the available space within the system and either improve it or as we have done in this project, change the methods of storage.”